Nowadays, there are more and more credit institutions offer the personal loans for people who have bad/poor credit. However, these lenders still require the borrowers to provide them with a financial statement as well as the credit score report. So we receipt a lot of questions about: “where can I get my credit report?”. 

Where can I get my credit report
Where can I get my credit report

Indeed, there are more and more people who have poor credit scores and over 60% of Americans have less than $500 in savings. So the personal loans for poor credit score have been born. Everyone is understood clearly about a lot of personal loans in the articles before such as real loans for people with bad credit, private loans for bad credit, low-interest rate loans.


Just like some posts before about the credit score/credit report such as guide check my credit score, good credit score, credit scores… this post includes the main three parts which are: “What is the credit score?”, “How to check credit score?”, “How to improve the credit score if I have poor credit?”.

1. What is the credit score?

The credit scores are the numerical expression which are determined by the level analysis of the person’s credit files, to represent the creditworthiness of an individual. This credit score is primarily based on credit report information typically sourced from credit companies.

The FICO score is divided into five main factors, they are:

  • 35% Payment History 
  • 30% Amounts Owed
  • 15% Length of Credit
  • 10% New Credit 
  • 10% Type of Credit

2. How to check credit score?

Nowadays, there are three credit institutions offering free FICO scores to the customers. Here’s a list of several companies offering the free score:

  • Equifax
  • Experian
  • TransUnion

There are five steps to check the credit score:

  • Step 1: Find the free sites. The most popular free sites are,, and People will not pay anything to get your credit score and your credit score will not be negatively affected upon request. Some advertising sites are “free”.
  • Step 2: Register. For example, at, people need to provide email and create passwords. This will allow people to come back to the site and check their credit score in the future.
  • Step 3: Provide personal information. Such as your full name, mailing address, date of birth, last four digits of your Social Security Number.
  • Step 4: Answer the security question. To verify your identity, people will be asked a few multiple choice questions. For example, you might be asked how much you pay each month for your student loan or the name of your home city.
  • Step 5: Get a credit score. Scores will be three digits, 300-850. The scores that people receive from these sites may be slightly different from what the lender sees. However, they should not be so different.
Where can I get my credit report
Where can I get my credit report

3. How to improve the credit score if I have bad credit?

Six ways to improve your credit score  when having a bad/poor credit score:

  • Should watch the credit card balances.
  • Should eliminate credit card balances.
  • Should leave the old debt on your report.
  • Should use the calendar.
  • Should pay the bills on time.
  • Should not hint at risk.

Indeed, people hard to get the best personal loans if people have a poor credit score. This person usually pays for high interest-rate. So improving the credit score is work people need to do before getting any loans. In the process of improving credit scores that Info Credit Free guides above, you can check your credit score through the link Check credit rating.

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