3. Which policy of the travel insurance USA is best for you?

  • Single trip policies cover customers for one trip, for a set time frame (e.g. 90 days)
  • Annual policies cover customers for multiple trips, over 12 months
Travel insurance USA
What does the travel insurances USA protect you?

Customers then need to decide what protection they want from their travel policy, like:

  • Medical insurance: Standard with travel policies, and pays out if customers are injured or ill while on vacation. Hospital bills are usually expensive in America, so customers should consider medical expenses cover as a minimum.
  • Cancellation cover: This includes the cost of the vacation if customers must cancel or reduce their trip, for example, if customers or a member of their family is seriously ill or injured. Here’s more information on the cover.
  • Personal belongings and baggage: This includes accidental loss, theft or damage to personal property while customers are in the United States. Check if the item limit is sufficient to cover expensive items such as cameras or jewelry.

4. How much is travel insurance USA?

The cost of US travel insurance is based on:

  • The age of customers
  • The health of customers, e.g. if customers have any existing medical conditions
  • The length of their trip
  • Optional extras, e.g. cover for winter sports

The high cost of medical treatment in the United States also affects the price of the travel policy. Customers should compare policies to find the cover they need for the cheapest price before jetting off to the USA.