If you are over 65 years old, you should get seniors travel insurance before having a vacation. Because the demand for traveling to rest of the elders are more and more increasing in the recently. And they need this insurance to protect them from financial losses.

Seniors travel insurance
People over 65 years old need seniors travel insurance

When you are an older person, buying cheap travel insurance involves additional considerations because, at age 65 or older, you may be less healthy than the average traveler. In addition to reimbursement during the event, a trip is interrupted or must be canceled, make sure you only select a plan that includes additional risks, including medical emergencies.


The articles today, InfoCreditFree will introduce people to seniors travel insurance. This post includes three parts. They are: “What are the Best seniors travel insurance?, “Why should you choose seniors to travel insurance?” and “When considering a policy for seniors travel insurance?”

1. What are the Best seniors travel insurance?

Seniors travel insurance is insurance policies for travelers 60 years of age and over.

Customers who are a senior traveler may be more likely to want the travel insurance to provide cover for pre-existing medical conditions, potential medical emergencies overseas. And other situations such as having to unexpectedly cancel the trip, the luggage is lost or stolen, or the transport is delayed.

Senior travel insurance can give customers the confidence of knowing that:

  • A senior traveler can contact a professional emergency assistance team at any time for advice in an emergency.
  • A senior traveler can be covered for unexpected medical expenses as well as hospitalization costs.
  • A senior traveler can be escorted home by a registered nurse if they are unwell or injured and need to return home.
  • A senior traveler can have cover for prepaid deposits and cancellation fees from the day they purchase a policy.
  • A senior traveler can have cover for other unexpected emergency expenses including natural disasters.

Best Benefits

U.S. Citizens International
Age 65-69 Voyager Choice Liaison Elite
Cost Per Day $5.23 $5.05
Max Limit $1,000,000 $5,000,000
Age 70-74 Voyager Choice Liaison Elite
Cost Per Day $8.37 $8.31
Max Limit $1,000,000 $100,000
Age 75-79 Voyager Choice Liaison Elite
Cost Per Day $14.65 $8.31
Max Limit $1,000,000 $100,000
Age 80+ Voyager Choice Liaison Elite
Cost Per Day $14.65 $14.53
Max Limit $1,000,000 $20,000

2. Why should you choose seniors travel insurance?

When you reach the golden years of your life, your travels should become more frequent. When you retire, you will have the time to make your dream travel everywhere. You should travel as much as possible. To ensure you have an enjoyable and safe journey, we recommend choosing the best seniors package to travel. To make this easier, we are here to help you determine the type of international insurance you will need and how to buy it.

Seniors travel insurance
People over 65 years old need seniors travel insurance

Travel insurance is extremely important for anyone planning a trip abroad, but it is especially important for senior citizens for some reasons:

2.1. Medicare will not cover you outside of the US

All local health care programs will not pay for travelers traveling outside of the United States, so anything happens that you have to see a doctor or hospital during your trip. You will pay all medical bills from your own pocket if you do not purchase a travel health insurance policy before enjoying your trip.

Medical treatment may be expedited exponentially abroad and the healthcare system will become more difficult to understand and frustrating when navigating without the help of your insurance company. Having a travel health insurance policy will not only assist you in finding a reliable doctor or hospital in receiving needed treatment but it will also help prevent you from financial burdens that will arise after the fact.

2.2. Seniors are more likely to experience a medical emergency.

When people get older, it is inevitable that the health will grow increasingly more unpredictable and the chances of getting sick or injured are significantly higher. If unfortunate health problems occur while you are traveling overseas, it will be a much tougher situation, in the event of a travel health insurance policy that will ensure that you have enough insurance for necessary treatment.

2.3. Seniors are more likely to need emergency or medical evacuation

If a terrorist attack or disaster occurs while you are traveling overseas, medical facilities will soon be overwhelmed or you will be injured or seriously ill and unable to be fully treated at the place. You need to be evacuated or evacuated elsewhere.

However, evacuation is extremely expensive and may be difficult to arrange to cover for this will save you money, time and even your life.

2.4. Seniors tend to be more vulnerable and could easily fall victim to theft or kidnapping.

It is a known fact that Americans are generally the main target for theft because they are likely to carry US dollars and US passports. Seniors are known to be even more vulnerable because they will have a more difficult time to protect themselves in such situations.

There is a travel insurance policy that can assist you in replacing your passport and currency in the event of theft or, in extreme cases, it can assist you or your family with kidnapping and ransom.

3. When considering a policy for seniors travel insurance?

3.1. Their General Health Condition

Some people in their 70s and 80s are almost as healthy as a younger person. While purchasing health insurance for travelers, it is important to know about the general health of the traveler. If they are susceptible to illness or injury or are still unhealthy, people should plan for a higher policy, which may be more costly. In the case of a person who is in good general health and does not get sick too often, you can choose a lower plan.

3.2. Activities They Might Participate in During Travel

Prior to purchasing appropriate health insurance for travelers. It is important to consider the activities that they intend to perform during their visit to the United States. If you are more likely to stay indoors, or if you are more likely to go indoors or engage in risky activities, you may choose a limited plan.

For older people, even driving short from one place to another can be hard and lead to illness or injury. If visitors want to participate in some activities during their stay in the US, they should consider a comprehensive policy with a higher policy maximum.

3.2. Length of Their Stay or Policy Period

The longer you stay in the United States, the higher your chances of getting sick or injured. Therefore, if the visitor’s stay is extended, then you should choose a higher policy max.

Because there are a lot of companies offering the seniors travel insurance, people should consider carefully before making your decision. You should compare the features of travel insurance from many companies. People can get information about the topic compare travel insurance from the previous article of us.

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