A prepaid credit card is a security card issued by a financial institution secured by prepayment. These cards can be compared to pre-loaded prepaid debit cards for transactions. Now, let us introduce to you about some best of the prepaid credit cards in the US.

Prepaid credit card
The best prepaid credit card for you to choose in the US

In the previous post, Info Credit Free introduces people to some of the necessary information that is useful for getting the best student credit cards in the US, to get more information people can read the article Somethings about student credit cards people should note. Now, let find knowledge about Prepaid credit card in the post today.


Just like a lot of article posts such as credit cards for bad credit, first premier credit card, balance transfer credit cards, best cash back credit cards…, this post about prepaid credit card also includes some main parts. They are:

1. What is the prepaid credit card?

A prepaid credit card is a security card issued by a financial institution secured by prepayment. These cards can be compared to pre-loaded prepaid debit cards for transactions.

Prepaid credit cards can be used by borrowers with thin credit records or borrowers with low credit scores. Prepaid credit cards are different from prepaid debit cards in that they require a credit check and credit approval from the issuer.

Prepaid credit cards are also known as secure credit cards. They require a credit application process like a standard credit card. These cards may be good for borrowers who are seeking to establish credit or improve their credit score. Secured borrowers often view risks higher for lenders because they do not have a wide credit history to make credit decisions or their credit score may be low due to overdue debts.

2. How does the prepaid credit card work?

With prepaid cards, you add money to the card as you can with a gift card. Then, when you use a prepaid card, the money you buy will be deducted from the balance. When you buy more, your available balance will decrease further.

For example, say, for example, you deposit $ 300 in your prepaid card. After paying $ 150 for car rental, you only have $ 150 left to spend. Once you’ve used your entire balance, you must refill more of your prepaid card before you can re-use that balance.

Prepaid credit card
The best prepaid credit card for you to choose in the US

Managing your prepaid card is more like managing savings or checking accounts than managing credit cards. You don’t have to worry about financial fees or late payments. Your spending limit is equal to the amount your card currently holds. You also will not have a revolving debt balance, minimum required payments or due dates to think about and there is no risk to your credit score.

People may think these cards are prepaid credit cards because most card companies use the payment network of Visa, Mastercard or American Express sellers and display the corresponding icon on their card.

3. Should you use the prepaid credit card?

3.1. No credit checks when you apply

Prepaid cards do not lend you money because you can only spend the money you have paid on their balance. This means that your credit profile is not checked when you apply, so you can be accepted even if you have bad or declined credit for your credit card or bank account. .

3.2. Could improve your credit rating

Most prepaid cards do not show up in your credit profile, so they do not affect positively or negatively. However, some prepaid cards can rebuild your credit profile if they have a feature called Creditbuilder.

There is usually a monthly fee for this feature, but this monthly payment is counted as repayment and displayed on your credit profile. After a few months, your credit profile may begin to improve as long as you continue to make payments.

3.3. Widely accepted

Transactions on prepaid cards are processed by Visa or MasterCard, which means they are accepted by most card payment businesses.

3.4. Useful for budgeting

Prepaid cards can help you plan your spending because you can only use the money you have loaded on the card. That means you can avoid:

  • Overdue because you can only pay for the amount you intend to spend for a certain period of time, for example, until the payment date or while you are on vacation. Once you have exhausted it, you cannot use the card until you add money.
  • Debt because there is no overdraft or any other way of borrowing with prepaid cards.

You can also plan to spend by tracking your balance and the transactions you have made using your card’s account or online app.

4. Some best-prepaid credit card spends to apply for

4.1. American Express Serve Cash Back is the best for earning rewards

You have access to free online bill payments, anti-fraud and direct deposit early for free. The card itself is free if you order online or $3.95 when buying from a retail location. There is a $ 4.95 monthly fee that can not be waived, but the replacement of cards, sub-accounts and customer service are all free. ATM withdrawal is free if you use ATM MoneyPass. If not, you will have to pay an ATM fee of $ 2.50.

Here, another version of American Express Serve. This doesn’t charge for reloading, which is a benefit if you need to make multiple reloads in a month. The download network has more than 45,000 locations and includes CVS Pharmacy, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Rite Aid, Walmart, 7-Eleven and more. There is no charge to add money from your bank account.

4.2. Mango Visa Prepaid Card is the best for high yield savings

Prepaid card Mango Visa comes with a savings feature that allows you to earn one of the highest returns on your savings account. When you open a savings account with a Mango card, you will receive up to six percent APY and optionally make six transfers each month. You will need a net deposit of at least $ 800 and a minimum balance of $ 1 at the end of the month to qualify for six percent APY.

There are no registration fees, no activation fees, and no bank transfer fees (from Mango. Your bank may charge you). The fees are very simple: you will pay $ 1 to make an ATM balance request, $ 3 ATM withdrawal fee, $ 5 monthly fee, as well as a two-part international currency conversion fee.

You can use your Mango Prepaid Visa wherever Visa is accepted and manage your account through the smartphone app.

4.3. Paypal Prepaid MasterCard is the best for direct deposits

With MasterCard prepaid Paypal, you can link your card to your Paypal account to access your transaction history and other online features via the web or via the mobile app. You can also transfer money from Paypal Account to your prepaid Paypal MasterCard account.

Direct deposit is free. In addition, MasterCard prepaid Paypal gives you access to your money 2 days faster than traditional banks.

Get access to special offers and cash back rewards. For example, if you open a tiered-rate saving account through The Bancorp Bank, you’ll earn five percent APY on balances up to $1,000. As a referral incentive,tiered-rate savings earn $5 when you refer the friend to the card and the friend activates and loads $110 onto their card.

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