Eight things people need to know about the NAB home loan contact

Getting conditional approval for the home loan allows people to see – and ask – with confidence, and it helps narrow down the options. Here are eight frequently asked questions about conditional approval, the first important step in your buying journey. Where people can get NAB home loan contact?

NAB home loan contact
NAB home loan contact

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This post includes eight parts, they are “Do I need conditional approval?”, “Pre-approval, conditional approval or approval-in-principle?”, “When should you apply for conditional approval?”How do you NAB home loan contact?”, “What does the conditional approval process typically involve?”, “So how does it work at NAB?”, “Can I put in an offer if I’m buying privately?” and “Can I bid on that dream house at auction?”.

1. Do I need conditional approval?

Most people in an open house do not want to buy that particular house. They are doing homework, getting food from the market. They’re dipping their toes (or just curious!). But with conditional loan approval, you are in another camp. You are the real partner. You are showing agents and real estate providers you are serious and someone to negotiate.

Conditional approval also keeps you on the ground. You know the exact amount you can afford – and do not waste time flowing through the houses outside of your budget.

2. Pre-approval, conditional approval or approval-in-principle?

Different lenders use different terms – prior approval, approval in principle and conditional approval – to describe many of the same. It can be confusing. But think of it like this:

  • It is a requirement to establish your financial position.
  • It’s a sign (not a guarantee) from the bank about the amount you can borrow.

At NAB, we call this pre-approval phase a ‘conditional approval’.

3. When should you apply for conditional approval?

Home buyers usually apply for conditional approval when they have done some initial research:

  • Loan deployment using various financial and computer tools
  • Work out how much people can afford to repay
  • Have researched different types of home loans and you may have looked at the local and suburban real estate market that you are interested in.

Do not applicable too soon – The conditional approval is valid for 90 days from the date of application, but you can reapply.

4. How do you NAB home loan contact?

It’s pretty simple. People can apply for conditional approval online with the NAB online home loan conditional approval form. Alternatively, people can go to the branch or call us on 13 78 79 where the home loan specialist will assist people in starting the application.

5. What does the conditional approval process typically involve?

The lender will review the amount of the debt (loan, credit card, etc.) and amount of money people own (assets including cars, stocks, etc.). Typically, the lender will perform a credit check for people with an external credit bureau.

At this stage, the lender will probably want some information about the property people to want to borrow (postal code, housing type, etc.).

They will also want to know how much people earn (the wages/salaries), and what the expenses are usually (food, utility bills, rent, etc.).

6. So how does it work at NAB?

People will need to call NAB at 13 78 79 to start an application. A home loan specialist will run through things over the phone, usually taking 30 to 60 minutes. If the numbers are stacked, people will get conditional approval.

People will then receive a conditional approval email (valid for 90 days), which specifies the amount of money NAB will lend to people.

7. Can I put in an offer if I’m buying privately?

People can set some purchase conditions. For example, people can make a proposal ‘sponsored’ or ‘subject to pest and construction’. People should consult a lawyer or conveyor for this.

Note: When people make a ‘conditional’ offer, the offer will have an expiration date. People will want to take into account the time it takes to get the final approval. It’s best to check the time frame in advance with the banker.

8. Can I bid on that dream house at auction?

Once you have received conditional approval, you will be ready to receive the auctioneer. You can bid on an asset at the auction. If your bid is successful, you will need to be fully approved.

Part of the final approval process involves the bank valuing the property you purchased (or intend to buy). So be wary of paying more than a reasonable price for a property, as this may affect the bank’s readiness for final approval.

The home loan process can be difficult. When the time comes, you do not feel you have to do it yourself. Call us at 13 78 79, to your local branch, make an appointment with a mobile bank employee or, if you are ready, apply online.

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