You’ve just started a business and are looking for a mobile credit card machines for small business. Take a look at the five small business credit card machines we consider the best. 

Mobile credit card machines for small business;
Mobile credit card machines for small business;

There are more and more people go without cash, you need a mobile credit card reader to avoid losing out on customers carrying only credit and debit cards.


Five mobile credit card machines for small business that we want to introduce to people are iZettle Card, The Square, The SumUp, PayPal Here, WorldPay Zinc. With each machine, we provide information about its features, Cost, Set-Up & Monthly Fees and Transaction Fees.

1. iZettle Card is one of the mobile credit card machines for small business

In general, iZettle credit card machines are an excellent option for businesses wishing to start receiving payment by card. While their costs are not the lowest in the industry they are very transparent and reduce as volumes increase.

Some features of the iZettle Credit Card Machine:

  • Acceptable chips & batteries, non-contact and odd payments – including Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.
  • Works in conjunction with the iZettle App Connects over Bluetooth.
  • Charges via USB cable or through the dock (purchased separately).
  • Charge time: 1-2 hours.
  • Battery lasts for up to 8 hours or 100 transactions.
  • Can also be used to sell online via iZettle Ecommerce.
  • Non-contact card payments are up to 25% faster than other mobile credit card machines on the market.
  • Transactions made by contactless cards under £ 30 are approved within seconds.
  • Charge via USB cable or via dock (purchased separately).

IZettle card reader requires an iZettle application (available for both iPhone and Android) to work properly. In addition, there are a variety of add-ons that can turn card readers into an official sales system. Including:

  • Stands & Docks
  • Receipt Printers
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Cash Drawer
  • Store Kits

iZettle Machine Cost: £59 + VAT.

iZettle Set-Up & Monthly Fees: £20 per month.

iZettle Transaction Fees: 1.75%

2. The Square is one of the mobile credit card machines for small business

If all people need is a card reader and nothing else both iZettle and Square will do the job well. But if people need more features, Square can have a few more features.

Some features of the Square Reader:

  • Square allows people to get chip cards and PINs, contactless cards and other mobile payments.
  • Accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express all for a low rate.
  • View deposits in the bank account shortly after the next business day.
  • Includes a free point-of-sale app 
  • Option to save cards on file
  • Can also be used to sell online by phone as well as collect payments via invoices
Mobile credit card machines for small business;
Mobile credit card machines for small business;

Of all the mobile credit card readers on this site, Square has the most to offer on the features and additional functionality. Some of these include

  • Ability to use the iPad (or Android Tablet) to handle payments, in addition to the smartphone.
  • Inventory management through an App
  • Billing software allows people to pay you via online card (apply a rate of 2.5%).
  • The ability to sell online through their eCommerce API. (Applying the price of 2.5%)
  • Virtual Terminal so people can make payments by phone or mail (MOTO payment) – 2.5% rate applied.
  • Be able to sync with other apps and software you use for things like accounting, analysis, ecommerce, and more.
  • Can monitor employee performance through an application. (£ 3 / month per employee for all features)
  • Can track multiple locations.

Square Reader Cost: £49.95

Square Set-Up & Monthly Fees:  Beyond paying the £39, £19 for the card reader

Square Reader Transaction Fees:  1.75%

3. The SumUp is one of the mobile credit card machines for small business

The SumUp is currently the best alternative to iZettle for small businesses, but their current transaction fees are now slightly higher.

Some features of the SumUp Features:

  • It accepts all debit and credit cards
  • It pays with the tap of their card or their phone, Chip & PIN or magnetic swipe
  • No fixed monthly costs 100% online application with no paperwork and no contract
  • Card reader connects via Bluetooth and is compatible with iOS / Android phones and tablets

SumUp Machine Cost: £59 + VAT.

SumUp Transaction Fees: 1.95%.

SumUp Set-Up & Monthly Fees: There is no set-up (beyond buying a card reader) and monthly fees.

4. PayPal Here is one of the mobile credit card machines for small business

Some features of PayPal Here:

  • Accept card, contactless payments without monthly fees.
  • Payments reach the PayPal account in seconds.
  • Works with Apple Pay, Android Pay.
  • UK-based customer support team.
  • No fixed term commitment

PayPal Here Machine Cost: costs £75

PayPal Here Transaction Fees: start at 2.75%

PayPal Here Set-Up & Monthly Fees: Not

Mobile credit card machines for small business;
Mobile credit card machines for small business;

PayPal Here Add-ons: There are a variety of add-on products you can purchase with your PayPal Here card reader to extend its functionality. These include:

  • Taxi Cab Bundle
  • Bouncepad
  • Retail Stands
  • Fast Charge Cradles
  • POS desk stands and mounts

5. WorldPay Zinc is one of the mobile credit card machines for small business

Some features of WorldPay Zinc:

  • A secure Chip & PIN solution from the UK’s leading card payments company.
  • Works with iPhone, iPad, Android phones & tablets.
  • Take payments face-to-face or over the phone.
  • Instant issue receipts via email or SMS
  • Keypad comes with a 12-month warranty

PayPal Here Machine Cost: £39.99 (inc VAT)

PayPal Here Transaction Fees: 2.75%

PayPal Here Set-Up & Monthly Fees: £5.99 per month

Investing in mobile credit card processing is also one of the smart decisions for traditional small business owners. The customers are turning on more technology – and they may wish you had a device that accepts credit cards or anything in their wallet.

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