There are a lot of lenders offering low-cost loans for bad credit to choose

Having a bad credit score is one reason why you are difficult to apply for a personal loans with low interes rate. Howerver, nowadays, there are more and more lenders offering the low cost loans for bad credit. Customers need to consider carefully before choosing any loans as well as lenders.

Low-interest personal loans for bad credit
 There are a lot of lenders offering low-cost loans for bad credit to choose

In the previous post, introduces people to some of the necessary information that is useful for getting the credit card rates to get more information people can read the article The credit card rates are usually expressed as an annual rate. Now, let find knowledge about low-cost loans for bad credit in the post today.


Just like a lot of article posts about loans for unemployed, borrow money, loans for average credit, government loans, personal loan interest rates…. this post about low-cost loans for bad credit also includes some main parts. They are:

1. OneMain Financial is one of the low-cost loans for bad credit

OneMain Financial offers all types of personal loans in the US includes secured loans and unsecured loans. This lender does not require minimum credit score, that is one of the best reason why you should choose OneMain Financial if you have bad credit score.

If your credit score falls within the under-perfect credit range, you’ll need to reduce your loan amount or find a secured loan – that means put something on your mortgage to offset the risk such as a car, truck, or house…

  • If you have really low credit scores then the loan can range from $ 1,500 to $ 10,000
  • If you have better credit you can qualify for loans up to $ 20,000.
  • APR also ranges from 18.00% to 35.99%.
  • Loan term: 24, 36, 48 or up to 60 months.

You can handle the entire online registration process or also visit one of their 1,600 branches directly.

Low-cost loans for bad credit
There are a lot of lenders offering low-cost loans for bad credit to choose

2. Lending Club is one of the low-cost loans for bad credit

Lending Club is an online lending company that offers a large range of loan types. This lender does not openly request any minimum credit score requirements, but the interest rate for the least credit borrower can be very high, as high as 35.89% APR. In addition, customers may need to pay an initial fee of 1% to 6% of your loan amount. With three- and five-year repayment options, customers can keep their monthly payments relatively low.

  • The relatively long online lending history is the advantage of the low credit score loans that Lending Club offers.
  • Two reasonable repayment terms keep it simple and will result in an active payment.
  • Fixed interest rates prevent surprises.
  • Borrow at least $ 1,000

3. Bad Credit Loans is one of the low-cost loans for bad credit is a website that connects borrowers with bad credit score to a network of ready lenders. To register online, customers need to meet some requirements such as:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid phone number and email address
  • Provide proof of citizenship or legal residence
  • Keep a checking account in your name
  • Have a regular income.
  • Be whether full-time or self-employed, disabled, or Social Security.

After submitting the request, customers will wait to receive offers from the network of lenders However, keep in mind that customers may not receive any offers depending on their financial situation.

  • The typical loan amount ranges from $ 500 to $ 5,000
  • APR anywhere from 5.99% to 35.99%
  • The repayment period usually ranges from three to 36 months.

For example, if a customer gets a $ 3,000 loan with a 35.99% interest rate and a 24-month term, he might expect to pay $ 177 a month. The principal will be around $ 3,173 with another interest of $ 1,252.

Borrowers with poor credit may still qualify for loans up to $ 1,000. They will solicit offers on your behalf to help you easily select the best terms. Application is free and there is no obligation to accept any offer. Most applicants can be pre-approved for at least five minutes, according to the company.

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