There are two types of loans of SBS Bank for you choose in New Zealand

With a lof of services, SBS Bank is one of the best bank in New Zealand with committing to creating a partnership focused on helping you on your financial independence journey. SBS Bank offers two types of personal loans for customers to choose. From this article, you can choose suitable loans of SBS Bank.

There are two types of loans of SBS Bank for you choose in New Zealand
There are two types of loans of SBS Bank for you choose in New Zealand

In the previous post, introduces people to some of the necessary information that is useful for getting the loans of Finance Holdings to get more information people can read the article Customers can get loans of Finance Holdings with the rate of 8.95%. Now, let find knowledge about loans offered by SBS Bankin the post today.


Just like a lot of article posts about fast loans in New Zealand, loans of Finance Direct, loans of Avanti Finance, loans of Admiral Finance, loans of My Finance…. this post about the loans offered by SBS Bank also includes some main parts. They are:

1. Some types of loans that offered by SBS Bank

1.1. The unsecured personal loans of SBS Bank

An unsecured loan is a loan issued and supported only by the borrower’s creditworthiness, not by any type of collateral. Loans are unsecured, sometimes called signature loans or personal loans. Therefore, the terms of such loans, including approval and receipt, often depend on the borrower’s credit score. Borrowers often have to have a high credit rating to be approved for some unsecured loans.

SBS Bank offers unsecured personal loans for customers linving New Zealand to use for a lot of purposes. SBS Bank knows the importance of what you really want to achieve your dream. It is important to have a convenient and hassle-free personal loan solution when you search. Your dreams are:

  • Buy a new car
  • Please have your dream holiday
  • Pay unexpected bills
  • Unify your debt – combine all your invoices and loans into one
  • Buy furniture and equipment for your home
  • Renovate your home
  • Send your child in a study abroad or exchange trip

Customers should get the unsecured loans from SBS Bank for some reasons:

  • Quick and easy: Loan decision in minutes; Have money in your bank account within 24 hours (next business day); It speaks straight; Check if you meet the loan criteria today
  • Flexibility: If you are over 18, you can sign up for a $ 1,000 loan of $ 50,000 to pay in accordance with your budget.
  • Affordable repayment: SBS Bank will discuss payment plans that suit you; Pay extra or make a one-time payment when you have backup cash; Perform fixed weekly, two weeks or monthly; The negotiated interest rate when starting the loan is not surprising.

1.2. The secured personal loans of SBS Bank (Vehicle loans)

A secured loan is a loan in which the borrower pledges some assets (eg car or property) as collateral for the loan, then becomes a secured debt for the creditor to borrow. Therefore, the debt is secured by collateral and if the borrower fails to repay the debt, the creditor will possess the property used as collateral and can sell it to get back some or all The initial amount is given to the borrower.

Buy a new car. Customers can buy it with a secured loan by car. So whether you need a bigger car or your car simply sees better days, ask SBS Bank for approval before you go hunting. Providing security, like your car, can:

  • Allow you to borrow a larger amount
  • Discount interest SBS Bank can offer

Affordable debt repayment: SBS Bank will discuss the payment plan that is right for you. Pay extra or make a one-time payment when you have backup cash. Fixed payments weekly, two weeks or monthly. Interest rates are agreed upon starting lending so there is nothing unexpected. Return the entire amount at any time.

Applying for a secured loan is quick and easy. You just need to give us the details of the car. SBS Bank will do the rest. A decision is only a few minutes. And the money for your new car may be in your account tomorrow.

2. The interest rate and fees of loans of SBS Bank

  • The secured personal loan rates range from 12.95% to 29.95%/annum. This equates to approximately $71 to $158 of interest charged per $1000 borrowed per annum.
  • The unsecured personal loan rates range from 16.95% to 29.95%/annum. This equates to approximately $94 to $170 of interest charged per $1000 borrowed per annum.
  • $240 Establishment fee
  • $3.50 Third party correspondence and statement request.
  • Third party costs – $10 administration charge
  • Refund overpayment – lesser of $10 or account balance
  • $95 loan variation
  • $1.80 Monthly Service Fee
  • $3.15 Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) fee

This post is the information on loans offered by SBS Bank. Also if you are looking for information about the loans of Finance Point, please refer to Two types of loans of Finance Point with some different rate from 12.95% link we just provided in the previous article.

Anita (Team Content) – Loans of SBS Bank