Customers can choose many types of loans from finance companies NZ

Nowadays, there are more and more reasons to apply to get a personal loan. You need to buy some necessary items or pay some bills monthly but you will not have the money until the next paycheck. Therefore, having a lot of appearance of the lenders such as finance companies. How many types of loans that finance companies NZ offer?

Customers can choose many types of loans from finance companies NZ
Customers can choose many types of loans from finance companies NZ

In the previous post, introduces people to some of the necessary information that is useful for getting the loans of First CU to get more information people can read the article Customers need to some requirements to loans of First CU. Now, let find knowledge about loans of finance companies NZ in the post today.


Just like a lot of article posts about loans of Finance Direct, loans of Avanti Finance, loans of Admiral Finance, loans of My Finance, fast loans in New Zealand…. this post about finance companies NZ and loans also includes some main parts. They are:

1. Some requirements to apply loans from finance companies NZ

The finance companies or credit union are more and more popular, they alternative to the national banking systems. The finance companies usually have headquartered within the community which they serve. By this way, these lenders can easy to support local businesses and get a lot of small-business benefits.

When choosing a personal loan from finance companies in New Zealand, customers can get some advantages, such as:

  • The fianance companiesin NZ have lower rates than banks.
  • The degree of flexibility when making loans.
  • Easy compare custom personal loan rates
  • All without affecting the credit score.
  • The huge plus is the location
  • Shop smarter with personalized loan rates

However with a lot of benefits above, customers can still meet the disadvantages:

  • There might be limits to products and services offered by the smaller credit institutions.

2. Some types of personal loans from finance companies NZ

2.1. Unsecured personal loans

The unsecured loan is not supported by collateral (home or car), making them more risky for lenders, a little higher. The approval and rate customers receive on their personal loans are primarily based on their credit score. Prices range from 5% to 35%, and repayment terms range from one to seven years.

2.2. Secured personal loans

The secured loans are mortgaged with collateral, which can be leveraged by the lender if customers default on the loan. Examples of other secured loans include mortgages (secured by your home) and car loans (secured by your car’s name).

Many finance companis in New Zealand provide secured personal loans where you can borrow cars, personal savings or other assets. Rates are often lower than unsecured loans, as these loans are considered less risky for lenders.

2.3. Fixed-rate loans

Most individual loans have a fixed rate of interest, meaning your rate and monthly payments remain the same for the duration of the loan.

Fixed loans make sense if you want consistent payments each month and if you are worried about raising interest rates on long-term loans. Having a fixed rate makes it easier to budget because you do not have to worry about your payments changing.

2.4. Variable-rate loans

The interest rate for variable interest loans is linked to the benchmark interest rate specified by banks. Depending on how the benchmark rate fluctuates, the ratio on your loan – as well as your monthly payments and total interest expense – may increase or decrease with these loans.

2.5. Debt consolidation loans

This type of personal loan transfers many debts into a new loan. This loan will bring the APR lower than your current debt to save on interest. Consolidation also simplifies your debt payments by combining all your debts into a fixed monthly payment.

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