Get the loans for unemployed in Australia

If you are unemployed, it can be difficult to borrow money because you are unlikely to repay. Do not worry about this problem, nowadays, there are many a lot of loans in Australia offer for people who are unemployed. Today, let we see about the loans for unemployed in Australia.

Loans for unemployed in Australia
Get the loans for unemployed in Australia

Now, with the development of the economy, financial services are developing, lenders offering a wide variety of loans include Home loan rates in Australia, Aussie home loans, Fast cash loans…

If you are looking for a loan in order to get a new home in Australia, you can click to links Home loan rate at Australia… Now, let’s find out how loans for unemployed service is deployed in Australia like?


The loans for unemployed in Australia are the personal loans for people who do not have jobs. They want to get these loans to improve their lives and pay for the monthly bills.

However, if customers are looking at borrowing large-loans that will make it hard for them to manage day-to-day, then the lenders cannot approve them.

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What are the loans for unemployed in Australia?

Other requirements will need to be met. If people have any other short-term loan contracts, they may find it hard to be approved. In addition, a lot of lenders will not consider people for loans if they’re currently bankrupt. People’ll need to check the other eligibility requirements set by the lender before applying.

2. How to get the loans for unemployed in Australia

Some eligibility requirements people need to meet for a loan for unemployed in Australia

  • Earning a specific income
  • Receiving Centrelink payments
  • Your credit rating
  • Your assets

There is a number of different loans for people who are unemployed

Lender Loan amount Eligibility
Cash Converters
$50 to $2,000
  • Over 18
  • Earn at least $300 per week
  • Reside in Australia
$100 to $1,900
  • Over 18
  • Earn a regular income
  • Australian citizen or permanent resident
OK Money
$200 to $5,000
  • Over 18
  • Earn a regular income
  • Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Apply in-store
Wallet Wizard
$100 to $5,000
  • Over 18
  • Are able to afford the loan


$300 to $5,000
  • You’re at least 18 years old
  • You’re an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • You’ve been receiving a regular income into a personal bank account for at least 3 months
  • You have an active mobile number and email address

The rate, APR and Fees of the loans for unemployed in Australia by Nifty

  • Amount: $300-$5000
  • From 13.25% to 21.99% per annum
  • APR: Max 48%/year
  • A loan between 9-24 monthly

Loan description table – Nifty Loans

Loan Amount

Term of Loan


Interest Rate (APR) Expected Monthly Payment
$5,000 12 months 0% 21.24% $522.08

Info; Address Nifty and Phone:

Nifty Loans PTY LTD, t/a Nifty Personal Loans, ABN 66 630 101 843, Australian Credit Licence 514 260

  • Address: 14 Douglas Street, Milton QLD 4064
  • Phone: 1300 471 328

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