Nowadays there are more and more companies and website offering credit reporting services to check credit score. Customer needs to fill out their information that the website required, you can get a credit history document. This post, we offer the best credit reporting services in the US.

Credit reporting services
What is the best credit reporting services for identity protection?

There are more and more ways to check the credit score. However, Not all providers offer free credit documentation. People should consider before using a service. And people can read the article about check credit rating with no fee.


Just like the previous artilce about five ways to check your credit report for free, this post introduce to people about credit reporting services includes some main parts. They are: “The best overall credit reporting services”, “The best credit reporting services for identity protection”, “The best credit reporting services value”

1. The best overall credit reporting services – Identity Guard

The best overall credit reporting service is Identity Guard. The company offers monthly credit reports from Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

To get the credit report feature, the platinum package is the best option. This cost is $ 24.99 and includes standard ID protection features besides credit tracking. You can also check your credit score for each of the three offices. Identification Guard uses the CreditXpert model, slightly different from the FICO or VantageScore loan models based on their decision.

However, this score is a good approximation of what the lender will consider. Identity Guard also provides a score simulator that allows you to see how opening new lines of credit or making other financial decisions will affect the credit score. The Identity Guard app on mobile will alert you if there are any changes to your credit file. This includes new applications for credit cards, mortgages loans or other loans.

It will alert customers immediately if the identity has been compromised. People can also submit disputes to three offices directly through the Identity panel. ID Identity Protection ID Protection includes lost wallet protection that will help you replace the contents of lost wallets. It also monitors personal information (Social Security number, name, and address)


  • Offers monthly three-bureau reports
  • Lets people send disputes directly through the dashboard
  • Offers 24/7 support for fraud-related incidents


  • Uses educational score model only
  • No free credit score options
  • One of the more expensive options.

2. The best credit reporting services for identity protection – IdentityForce

A lot of the credit reporting services we reviewed also include anti-theft services. Some companies such as IdentityForce, offer their own ID protection. IdentityForce has the best combination of credit protection and ID protection. The Ultrasecure + Credit package is $ 19.95 a month and includes a 30-day trial, including three-room monitoring with quarterly updates on the credit reports.

Although we like to update more frequently, getting quarterly reports is still very useful. IdentityForce also has a credit score simulator that lets you see how a new credit card or other financial decision affects your TransUnion score. Another great feature that IdentityForce offers is the ability to submit disputes directly through the control panel.

If you notice an anomaly on one of your reports, you can click on a link from the dashboard and start the dispute process, a time-saving feature that gives you no access to the each site of the Department. Identity Tracking monitors all of your personal information and alerts you if someone has used your SSN or other identifying information to engage in fraudulent activity.

Credit reporting services
What is the best credit reporting services for identity protection?

If the identity is compromised, people will be put in contact with an agent from IdentityForce’s restoration team who will help people file police reports and work on recovering the identity.


  • Sends alerts through the app when new lines of credit open
  • Lets people send disputes directly through the dashboard
  • ID protection includes lost wallet protection


  • Makes reports available only quarterly
  • Scores are simply not official, simply educational
  • Doesn’t let people check credit scores for free

3. The best credit reporting services value – Credit Karma

Credit Karma’s credit supervision is completely free; there is no cost to sign up.

Another advantage that Credit Karma provides is that you can check your scores and reports at any time. Some other companies offer monthly or quarterly credit reports. App of Credit Karma is a useful way to track your score and receive notifications when important changes affect your score. Credit Karma provides a lot of useful educational resources to help people understand what goes into the score and how people can improve them.

Each item is red is bad, color-coded – green is good – so you can say at a glance what needs to be worked on. One of the downsides of Credit Karma is that it does not include information from all three offices. You only receive credit reports from TransUnion and Equifax. In general, this is not a problem as all major financial institutions report to all three offices.

However, smaller credit unions and local lenders may not, so depending on where people live, the score may change. Credit Karma uses the VantageScore model to create scores. This is a model developed by three offices and is often used by lenders when they make a decision.


  • Doesn’t cost anything to join
  • Gives people any time access to reports and scores
  • Offers tips to help improve credit


  • Reports only two bureaus
  • Doesn’t offer lost wallet protection
  • No option for child ID protection

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