If you have a credit report and a good score then it is a great thing. A credit report monitoring service allows every customer to track their credit report and score. Customers may receive early warning about any changes to credit and corresponding responses.

Credit report monitoring
Credit report monitoring

There are more and more Americans have bad credit scores and over 60% of them have less than $500 in savings and have bad credit in the US. So there are a variety of personal loans for poor credit score have been born.


Just like some articles before such as check your credit report, view my credit report… in this post, we will introduce to people seven websites to credit report monitoring. They are: PrivacyGuard, CreditKarma.com, Identity Force, Identity Guard, Experian IdentityWorks, myFICO Ultimate 3B Credit Monitoring, TransUnion Credit Monitoring.

1. What is the credit report monitoring?

Credit monitoring services report to act as a personal assistant and a watchdog when it comes to your credit. TransUnion’s credit tracking service gives you regular access to your credit history, so you can check your credit report as often as you like.

It monitors the credit file and informs people of important changes such as a new account opened in their name or negative information such as a late payment reported by one of their creditor’s friend. Credit monitoring keeps people informed, keeps people on track and is a great way to maintain a healthy credit score.

Credit report monitoring
Credit report monitoring

2. Why do people need to credit report monitoring?

You should at least check your credit report at least once every 12 months. There are many reasons to get it, and here are the five reasons:

Because it’s free. Never miss a freebie, especially when it can affect your financial health and happiness. Your credit report plays an important role in your credit transactions and many other financial relationships. Get your annual credit report.

This is an important step in rebuilding and maintaining good credit. Periodically reviewing your credit report helps you ensure that the report is in good shape when you are ready to apply for a new credit and allows you to track your progress if you are recovering from issues. Credit in the past.

It is an important part of managing your personal finances. You should review your credit report just as you do for your bank statement and credit card bill. Credit management, expense tracking, and saving are inevitably part of financial success.

This is usually the first indication that you are a victim of identity theft. If you find a name you do not recognize, your Social Security number does not belong to you or the account is not yours, you may be a fraud victim. Experian and other national credit reporting companies can help you prevent credit fraud and prevent future misuse of your identity.

This is the first step to correct any information you feel is inaccurate. Most of the time, people find everything is correct. But if you find something wrong, your personal credit report comes with a dispute submission guide and contact information including a toll-free number, Internet address and mailing address.

3. Where can people credit report monitoring?

3.1. PrivacyGuard

The PrivacyGuard provides credit monitoring for the credit reports and credit scores for all three credit bureaus. Daily credit monitoring sends people written alerts, e-mails or their phone whenever their credit report information changes.

  • Try PrivacyGuard for only $ 1 for the first 14 days.
  • PrivacyGuard provides basic ID Protection for $ 9.99 per month.
  • Up to $ 1 million ID theft insurance is included.
  • Credit protection for $ 19.99 per month includes your three-point credit score and score, daily credit monitoring and credit score simulations.
  • Total Protection Plan is $ 24.99 per month and includes all features of Credit Protection and ID Protection Plan.

3.2. CreditKarma.com

The CreditKarma.com provides the only truly free credit monitoring service. There’s no trial subscription and people will never have to give their credit card number. Credit Karma allows customers to monitor their TransUnion and Equifax credit report score at no cost.

  • The credit score – the VantageScore 3.0 – is updated each time people log on to their account.
  • Te credit report information is updated weekly. 
  • People can receive alerts when unusual activity is suspected on either of their two credit reports. 
  • People will not get access to two of their credit reports and credit scores. 

3.3. Identity Force

The Identity Force has two identity and credit monitoring products while the UltraSecure plan includes identity monitoring services only. The UltraSecure+Credit plan monitors both the identity and the credit.

  • The UltraSecure plan, for $179.90 per year includes a host of features that monitor the personal information and alerts if the information is compromised.
  • You’ll also receive $1 million in identity theft insurance, which is useful for covering expenses related to clearing up identity theft.
  • The UltraSecure+Credit Plan is $239.90 per year.
  • Includes all the identity protection features of the UltraSecure Plan

3.4. Identity Guard

Identity Guard has served over 47 million customers over more than 20 years in business. The credit monitoring service provides ID theft protection for your credit reports from all three of the major credit bureaus. You can choose between the Value, Total, and Premier Plans either for yourself or your family.

Plans range from $8.99 to $24.99 for individual and $14.99 to $34.99 for family protection.

Some subscriptions include a free trial.

3.5. Experian IdentityWorks

Experian, one of the three major credit bureaus, provides credit monitoring services. IdentityWorks monitors all three of your credit reports. In addition to tracking your three credit reports and credit scores for identity theft changes, IdentiyWorks offers a number of credit monitoring and identification services.

It scans dark websites for your personal information, informs you if a sex offender moves into your neighborhood, detects when criminals are placed in your name or reports in the system. Find out when a short-term loan is opened in your name, alert you to a change of address in the US Postal Service, a clock to take over your account, and notify you when any accounts are Open with your social security number.

3.6. myFICO Ultimate 3B Credit Monitoring

Keep track of credit scores that most lenders use with FICO Ultimate 3B credit monitoring. People will receive instant access to their three-room credit report and 28 credit score versions used in mortgage, auto, and credit cards. The credit report and score are updated quarterly so they know their credit score.

People will receive notice of changes to their credit information, including new open accounts, new public profiles, new addresses, new requests, new collections listed, and change their account balance. Some credit bureaus provide additional notice such as changing their credit limit and changing the name listed in the credit report.

The myFICO final 3B credit monitoring subscriber is $ 29.95 per month or $ 329 per year. People can cancel the subscription at any time, but they will not get a partial refund for the monthly or annual subscription that they paid.

3.7. TransUnion Credit Monitoring

People will receive monthly credit monitoring for their TransUnion credit report and credit score. And they will receive a notification whenever there are changes to any of the accounts listed in the credit report.

People will be notified when a new account is opened in their name, credit card balance increases or creditors report negative information. Because only their TransUnion credit report is being tracked, people will not receive any alerts on changes to their Equifax or Experian credit reports. Subscribers for TransUnion credit monitoring are $ 19.95 per month.

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