Some credit check agencies in Australia for you choose

A credit check agencies can help people get a copy of the credit report, check the credit score or resolve any incorrect listings on the file. Your accounts contain a detailed history of your credit accounts including the date you opened your account, your current balance, and your account’s billing history. How to get free credit report in Australia?

Credit check agencies 
Some credit check agencies in Australia for you choose

People should usually check credit rating in order to know you have a bad credit score or not to get a personal loan. Customers should check the credit report annually to ensure accurate information in the credit report. Because many businesses use your credit report to assess your repayment capacity and make a decision to lend you.


Credit reporting agency collects and distributes historical credit data. You can contact your credit bureaus, such as Experian to get a copy of your credit report or score. Lenders also receive credit reports and scores from these offices when assessing your application when you apply for a credit card or loan.

1. What are credit check agencies?

Credit check agency is a body that collects, stores and distributes data from creditors related to the borrower’s financial history. This information forms your credit report. Each credit reporting agency operating in Australia must send you a free copy of the credit file within 10 days if you did not order a copy in the previous 12 months.

This is very important to check and act because any incorrect, negative listing on your account can hurt your credit report and reduce your chances of approval when signing up for credits.

2. How do credit check agencies receive my information?

Each time you sign up for an account with a credit provider (such as a mobile phone contract, a utility account, a personal loan or a credit card), it sends the information to credit reporting agencies. and it will be noted in your report. This applies to both rejected and approved applications.

If you are approved for an account, information including opening and closing dates, payment information, and any default listing will also be listed in your reports. Any credit provider you sign up for, such as a utility account, a mobile phone contract, a personal loan, or a credit card, will send this information to credit reporting agencies. Use to make notes on your profile.

Even if you are not approved for the account, it will be listed. Other public information such as court lists and bankruptcy information is also included in your report.

Credit check agencies 
Some credit check agencies in Australia for you choose

3. What credit check agencies operate in Australia?

There are e different credit check agencies operating in Australia:

  • Experian. This data-centric credit agency allows you to place a free copy of your credit report. It also allows creditors to make more accurate credit decisions through data sharing.
  • Equifax. It is the largest credit reporting agency in Australia and provides nationwide credit and business credit reporting. You can place a free copy of the report for 10 days if you have not placed an order in the previous year or you can sign up for the Equachus package to get your credit report in 24 hours. A credit alert service is also available.
  • Dun & Bradstreet. People can also contact Dun & Bradstreet to check personal credit reports. It also provides debt recovery services and offers business credit check service where people can verify the credit and financial stability of a business.
    Tasmania collection service.
  • Tasmanian Collection Service. Residents of Tasmania can place their credit reports from Tasmania Collection Services. This credit reporting department provides credit reporting and debt collection services.

4. Are there any differences between credit check agencies?

Each office receives information from different credit providers and public sources. However, since all these sources are not the same, you will find that your credit report may be different if you place an order from each agency. If you find any inaccurate information in your credit report, it is important that you contact the credit bureaus first.

If you can not fix it, you can contact the credit provider and if the vendor can not resolve the error, you can contact the Privacy Commissioner. You may also find that your credit score varies depending on which reporting agency you go with. For example, Experian’s excellent credit line ranges between 800 and 1,000, and Equachus ranges from 833 to 1,200.

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