Five ways for you living in the US to credit bureau check for free

Nowadays there are a variety of companies and website offering services to check the credit score. People need to fill out their information that the website required, they can get a credit history document. How people can credit bureau check for free? 

Credit bureau check
Five ways for you living in the US to credit bureau check for free

There are more and more ways to check the credit score. But not all ways offer free credit documentation. People should consider before using any service. Now, let’s find how to check credit rating with no fee in this article.


Just like a lot of previous posts, in the post today, we will introduce to readers some ways to check your credit report for free. They are by accessing your bank account, joining a credit score startup service, considering joining Mint, and on, checking out your credit cards.

1. How to credit bureau check for free by accessing your bank account

Many large financial institutions are deploying new credit score monitoring features for their clients. This is a free additional benefit when it comes to becoming a personal banking customer with them. For example, Capital One’s service is called CreditWise and is accessible when people sign in to a Capital One account.

Chase has launched a service called Credit Cards, where people can view their credit scores, receive weekly updates, and receive regular updates to update their credit. Anyone can use the current Chase login to access this free service.

If people are not sure whether the bank offers this service, check online account with them. They may have plans to launch early, especially as this is a very desirable feature for consumer banks.

2. How to credit bureau check for free by joining a credit score startup service

The common way to keep tabs on credit scores is to use a third-party service. In the past decade, some credit starters have entered the financial markets and allowed consumers to access their credit points for free.

Remember that people will sign up for a free trial of the credit report and risk forgetting to cancel the subscription before being charged next month? Yes, startup companies like Quizzle, Credit Karma, and Credit Sesame are breaking the mold. These online services now let people check their credit score for free.

These startups also provide insight into the credit history. They list important information to help people fill in their credit score, a summary of all their debit accounts, past payment history, and more. Everyone has to do is create a free account, answers some questions and credit history will start to disseminate. Everyone can also download free mobile apps that come with each service and track their credit ratings on the go.

Credit bureau check
Five ways for you living in the US to credit bureau check for free

3. How to credit bureau check for free on is a completely free way to access full credit report and annual FICO score. It also allows people to access credit information from all three credit reporting agencies: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. Enter personal information and sign up for a free account into their secure browser. Although credit reports are free, people can only update and access information from all three credit bureaus once a year.

As consumers, we no longer have to go into the dark about how to test free credit scores. Take a look at these services and tools, some of the tools and services people may have visited and do not know about. Then, use this knowledge to help build a better credit score, have a good credit history, and manage financially more successfully.

4. How to credit bureau check for free by considering joining Mint

A large part of managing the monthly budget should include tracking the credit score. That’s why the popular budget program, Mint now allows people to get a free credit score. Everyone can access Mint by filling out the information and linking the account in just minutes. This service is free and you can start using this service to budget income and expenses, as well as track the credit.

Each month your credit score in your Mint account will be updated automatically. You will be able to see the different factors affecting your score, why it increases or decreases in that month and how to improve it. And if find the free version useful, everyone may want to upgrade to the premium version for $ 16.99/month.

5. How to credit bureau check for free by checking out your credit cards

In addition to being able to check free credit scores as a bank customer, almost all credit card companies offer this feature.

Credit card members can access CreditWise services such as bank members, while Discover credit cards have integrated FICO monitoring services called Credit Scorecard. In fact, credit score cards are also provided to non-customers to discover.

If you are not a credit card holder, getting a free credit score is easy this way. Just register your FICO credit score card, then create your online account.

Once approved, people can view the free FICO points at any time in the account through their website or mobile app. Many credit cards offer this benefit for free every year, so you will be able to access your credit score for free.

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