Are you looking for a new house in order to replace the old house now? But you do not know which loan is best for you and your family. You can get the Commonwealth bank home loan.

Commonwealth bank home loan
Commonwealth bank home loan

In the previous post, the Info Credit Free introduced to people for the home loan in Australia. If you are interested in that topic then visit the article links: home loan interest rates AustraliaAnd today, let us know about the Commonwealth bank home loan service.


This article includes six parts. They are “The benefits of the Commonwealth bank home loan”, “Package the Commonwealth bank home loan”, “Add-ons”, “Home loan calculators”, “How to apply for a Commonwealth Bank Home Loan” and “Types of loans”

1. The benefits of the Commonwealth bank home loan

  • People can get a discount on the Commonwealth bank home loan: People should take advantage of special discounts on loans, Everyday Offset, credit cards, and insurance.
  • People can flexible home loan options: The Commonwealth bank has got flexible home loan options to suit the changing lifestyle of customers.
  • People can buy with confidence: Get guidance from start to finish on the home buying journey with the support of one of the expert lenders.

2. Package the Commonwealth bank home loan

People can get a discounted rate and save on fees with a Home Loan Package: People should enjoy special discounts on loans, Everyday Offset, credit cards, and insurance with our Wealth Package.

  • $395 annual package fee
  • $0 upfront establishment fee
  • $0 monthly loan service fee
  • Save up to 0.70% p.a. on Viridian Line of Credit and Standard Variable Rates
  • Save 0.15% p.a. on Fixed Rates

Available on a range of fixed-term and variable-maturity ] home loans and Lines of Credit. The minimum initial requires an initial package lending balance of at least $150,000 with the Commonwealth Bank.

3. Add-ons

3.1. Interest offset

Offset the funds in the affiliate accounts against the balance of the home loan, to potentially save thousands of interest and cut the term of the home loan.

3.2. Credit card with no annual fee

With Wealth Package, people can save up to $ 349 a year by not having to pay an annual fee for the Diamond Awards.

No Wealth Package? People will not pay an annual fee for the first year if you are applying for a credit card and a home loan at the same time.

4. Home loan calculators

4.1. How much can I borrow?

People need to use the income and expenses to estimate how much you should borrow for a home loan in the Commonwealth Bank.

4.2. Home loan repayments calculator

People need to work out how much the home loan repayments might be.

4.3. Upfront cost calculator

People need to estimate the other costs of buying a property, including stamp duty, government costs, and fees.

5. How to apply for a Commonwealth Bank Home Loan

People can compare Commonwealth Bank mortgage loans. If people find a loan people want to apply for just press the green ‘Enquire now’ button next to it. This will open up a form of contact. People can enter the contact details and a mortgage broker will contact you to help you apply and give you a quote.

This service is free for everyone. If people click on the name of the loan or ‘More Information’, you will be able to find out more about the particular loan.

6. Types of loans

6.1. Extra Home Loans

People can get a great rate on the simple and easy variable home loan of the Commonwealth Bank. You can save on interest with an introductory rate or an ongoing discount for the life of the loan.

The Extra Home Loan 2-Year Introductory discount2 (owner occupied)

  • Interest rate: 3.84% p.a.
  • Comparison rate: 4.39% p.a.

The Extra Home Loan 2-Year Introductory discount2 (investment)

  • Interest rate: 4.14% p.a.
  • Comparison rate: 4.73% p.a.

6.2. Fixed Rate

People can enjoy the certainty of knowing exactly what the monthly repayment will be.

Fix the repayment for periods of 1 to 5 years and choose from the fixed rate loan options to help people plan the finances.

The 2-Year Fixed Rate with Package (owner occupied)

  • Interest rate: 3.79% p.a.
  • Comparison rate: 5.07% p.a.

The 2-Year Fixed Rate with Package (investment)

  • Interest rate: 3.99% p.a.
  • Comparison rate: 5.56% p.a.

6.3. Standard Variable Rate

With a variety of features and a competitive variable rate, everyone can enjoy the flexibility of our Standard Variable Rate home loan or Investment home loan.

With the standard Variable Package Rate (owner occupied)

  • Interest rate: 4.87% p.a.
  • Comparison rate: 5.27% p.a.

With the standard Variable Package Rate (investment)

  • Interest rate: 5.45% p.a.
  • Comparison rate: 5.84% p.a.

Includes, people should consider before choosing any home loans in the Commonwealth Bank. With each loan, it has a different advantages match a person. You can get information about home loan repayment calculator to choose the best loan.

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