Guide people to check your credit history in some minutes

You want to get the personal loans from the lenders such as traditional banks, credit institutions or other financial companies, but they need your credit report to know about your the credit history. Today, Info Credit Free guide people check your credit history.

Check your credit history
Check your credit history

You can check your credit history by a lot of ways. The article today will introduce to people two ways to get the credit report. If you have a bad or poor credit, checking credit score is important to improve credit history. By the checking the credit history, people can get the personal loans for bad credit easier.


This post includes three parts, they are: “Check your credit history on Free Website”, “Check your credit history by using others methods” and “Improve credit history”.

1. Check your credit history on Free Website

Step 1: Find web pages for free. Three popular free websites are,, and Everyone will not pay anything to get the credit score and the credit score will not be negatively affected upon request.

People some note that there are some advertising sites are “free”. However, people need to pay to access the report. Even worse, people will automatically be registered for the annual subscription.

Step 2: Registration. People usually need to provide the email and create a password. This will allow people to return to the site and check the credit score in the future.

Step 3: Provide personal information. Each site will ask for different information, but most will require some following:

  • The first and last name
  • The mailing address
  • The date of birth
  • The last four digits of the Social Security Number

Step 4: Answer your security question. To confirm the identity of customers, people will be asked some multiple choice questions. For example, people may be asked how much you pay each month on a student loan or the name of a city you live in.

Step 5: Get your score. The credit score will be three digits, 300-850. The scores people receive from these sites may be slightly different from what the lender sees. However, they should not be so different.

Check your credit history
Check your credit history

Websites may also have links to credit card applications. You do not need to and should think carefully before signing up for any products offered.

2. Check your credit history by using others methods

Option 1: Check credit history with the credit card provider.

Option 2: Request a credit consultant or counselor.

Option 3: Purchase the FICO score.

Option 4: Purchase the credit score from a credit reporting agency.

3. Improve credit history

Step 1: Timely payments. The billing history accounts for 35% of the credit score. People should make minimum payments and pay them on time. A late payment will not reduce the credit score, but the amount is missing, the better.

Step 2: Reduce the debt burden. The amount people owe 30% of the credit score. People should reduce the burden by paying off high-interest debt. People should use credit card balance transfer to speed up repayment.

Step 3: Avoid taking new credit. New credit accounts for 10% of the points. People may think that people should increase the amount of credit available by getting a new credit card. However, the score will be affected if people open too many new accounts. FICO assumes that people are opening the account because people are having financial trouble.

Step 4: Patience. The length of the credit history accounts for 15% of the credit score. People can not do anything to speed up the process. However, people can help themselves by not closing the old account, even if people do not currently use them.

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