Most lenders are concerned about the credit history or credit score of the customer. With different credit scores, borrowers have different preferences. If you have a high credit score, having low-interest loans is extremely easy. Today’s article provides several steps to check my credit score online. 

Check my credit score online
Some STEPS to check my credit score online in minutes

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The article today, we introduce to readers about “where can I get my credit score“. This post includes three parts, they are “Some STEPS to check my credit score online from the Free Website”, “Some STEPS to check my credit score online by using others methods” and “How to improve the credit score?”.

1. Some STEPS to check my credit score online from the Free Website

Step 1: Find web pages for free.

Some of the most popular Web sites in the US are,, and These Web sites offer free service, so the customer will not have to pay anything to get a credit score and the customer’s credit score will not be negatively affected upon request.

Readers should note that there are some advertising sites that are “free”. However, there are cases where you need to pay to access your report. You will even be automatically registered for the annual subscription and pay for the full year.

Step 2: Registration. A good example is when you check your credit score at Customer needs to provide email and create a new password. You will then be remembered by the Website and allow you to check your credit score in the future without having to go back and revise the steps.

Step 3: Provide personal information.

Not all vendors require the same information, but most Webs will require the following:

  • First and last name
  • Mail address
  • Birthday
  • Last four digits of the Social Security Number

Step 4: Answer your security question. The provider will ask the customer a few multiple choice questions to confirm the identity. For example: How much money do you need to pay each month for the student loan or the city you live in?

Step 5: Get your score. Your credit score will be three digits, ranging from 300 to 850. Credit scores received from various Web sites will not be the same, but not too much difference.

In addition to providing credit scores, providers also show you additional information such as a debit list. Customers can also purchase their credit report at for $ 9.95, but you should refuse because you can get a free copy each year.

I want to check my credit score
Some STEPS to check my credit score online in minutes

2. Some STEPS to check my credit score online by using others methods 

Option 1: Check with the credit card provider. There are now many companies that provide customers with credit score information. Customers can view the most recent statement or log in to their online account.

Option 2: Request a credit counselor or consultant. These counselors can take your credit score and report it for free. They can also help you analyze your finances and provide ways to improve your score.

Option 3: Buy the FICO score. Customers visit and purchase a one time report. People can get points along with a credit report from one or all three large credit reporting agencies (CRAs). Lenders usually consider FICO scores, so people can see exactly what they are looking at if people buy from this site.

Option 4: Buy the credit score from a credit reporting agency. Three largest CRAs in the United States are Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. Everyone can purchase the score from each.

  • Equifax, see “Credit Report Assistant” at the bottom of the home page. Click “Buy my credit score.”
  • Experian home page, click on “Reports & Scores” and select “Credit Score”.
  • TransUnion, click on “Credit Education” and then select “Credit Score”.

3. How to improve the credit score?

  • Step 1: Timely payments.
  • Step 2: Reduce the debt burden.
  • Step 3: Avoid taking new credit.
  • Step 4: Patience

Before getting any personal loans, improving the credit score is work people need to do. In the process of checking the credit score online and improving credit scores that Info Credit Free guides above, people should consider before choosing any personal loans especially the personal loans for bad credit.

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