In Australia, there are many people who like to use the iPhone. However, it must be said that the latest iPhone launch price is not cheap and for some people, there is no money available to buy. This post guide you getting Cash Train loans to buy iPhone 11.

Cash Train loans to buy iPhone 11
 Cash Train loans to buy iPhone 11 helps people not enough money

In the previous post, we introduce a way to buy iPhone 11 with Credit24 Short Term Loan to get more information people can read the article Three steps to apply for buy iPhone 11 with Credit24 Short Term Loan.  Now, looking to buy iPhone 11 with Latitude Financial Service in Australia. There is an increasing number of banks, credit institutions, and financial companies offering installment loans with different interest rates. However, how to get Cash Train loans to buy iPhone 11, please read this article offline.


Just like a lot of article posts about loan companies for people with bad credit, best mortgage rates, best payday loans, payday loan lenders… this post about the way to get Cash Train loans to buy iPhone 11 also includes some main parts. They are:

1. Why you should choose Cash Train loans to buy iPhone 11

This is the table about prices of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max in Australia. With this price table, you can calculate the loan amount to get from financial companies or credit institutions…

64GB 128GB 256GB 512GB
iPhone 11 AU$1,199 AU$1,279 AU$1,449 N/A
iPhone Pro AU$1,749 N/A AU$1,999 AU$2,349
iPhone Pro Max AU$1,899 N/A  AU$2,149 AU$2,499

There are many ways to buy an Apple iPhone when you don’t have enough money. And one of the effective ways that many people use it is to take advantage of short loans from credit institutions and financial companies. Readers can refer to Cash Train loans to buy iPhone 11.

Once you have signed a short-term loan agreement, Cash Train will perform a few checks to verify your information. If you are a new customer, Cash Train will need to see your most recent 90-day banking transactions. The easiest way to do this is to use secure online links through our trusted partner, Proviso, which Cash Train will send you when you sign up.

In most cases, Cash Train can confirm your identity online but in rare cases Cash Train may need you to provide a copy of your ID, but Cash Train will let you know if Cash Train need it because Cash Train want to make the entire online lending process hassle-free.

Cash Train loans to buy iPhone 11
 Cash Train loans to buy iPhone 11 helps people not enough money

2. Information about Cash Train loans to buy iPhone 11

To apply for a Cash Train loan to buy iPhone 11, Customers need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Customers are over 18 years
  • Customers are employed (part-time and random are accepted but they cannot be self-employed)
  • Customers earn more than $ 1,200/month
  • Customers are paid regularly to their bank account, ie weekly, fortnightly or monthly and not in cash
  • If Customers have bad credit, they may still be considered for a loan. Cash Train looks at the current financial situation of customers, their ability to repay debt and the purpose of the loan.
  • If Customers receive Centrelink, they need to earn more than $ 1,200 a month from work and Centrelink cannot earn more than 50% of their income.

This table about the information about Cash Train loans to buy iPhone 11:

Product Name Cash Train Loans
Minimum Loan Amount $200
Maximum Loan Amount $2,000
Initial Maximum Loan Amount $800
Arrears Fee $25
establishment fee 20% of the loan amount
Monthly fees 4% of the loan amount
fail to make a scheduled repayment $25
Loan Term 10 weeks or 3 months
Turnaround time 1 Business Day
Costs 20% of principal amount (establishment fee) + 4% monthly charge
Requirements You must be over 18, employed and earn over $1,200 a month
Available to Centrelink Borrowers? No

EXAMPLE: A loan of $1,000 for 10 weeks to buy iPhone has fees and charges totaling $320

  • Maximum APR of 110.38%
  • Total repayment of $1,320.
  • The Minimum loan term is 10 weeks
  • Maximum term 3 months.
  • The term will be 10 weeks if you repay weekly or fortnightly or 3 months if you repay monthly.

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