The cash back credit cards may be the simplest way to earn rewards. They are one of the most popular reward cards available because they are easy to use and easy to understand. This post, will introduce to people some things about this card.

Cash back credit cards
Ten cash back credit cards are the best in the US

In the previous post, Info Credit Free introduces people to some of the necessary information that is useful for getting the best student credit cards in the US, to get more information people can read the article Somethings about student credit cards people should note. Now, let find knowledge about cash back credit cards in the post today.


Just like a lot of article posts such as credit cards for bad credit, first premier credit card, balance transfer credit cards, best cash back credit cards…, this post about cash back credit cards also includes some main parts. They are:

1. What are the cash back credit cards?

Credit card refunds return a certain percentage for what you spend (similar to discounts). Typical rates are between 1 and 2 percent for purchases. For example, if the card has a 1 percent refund rate, you will earn $ 0.01 for every dollar you spend and earn $ 10 for every $ 1,000 you spend.

They are a popular credit card reward type. More than half of companies offering credit card rewards will have a refund option. Different tags come with different benefits that we will cover below. A good card can help you cover your costs, build credit or even increase your savings.

2. Somethings you should know about the cash back credit cards

2.1. Signing up

Everyone should have a good idea of spending habits before selecting the card and starting the registration process. Refund cards are usually designed with certain types of spending in mind. Some cards, for example, return money to you whenever you travel. Others reward you for buying items at specific stores. The card will work best for you if its reward structure matches the buying habits you already have.

When you are ready to receive the card, simply register the card you think you will use consistently. Sending multiple applications to the card seems like a good idea, but it may hurt your credit score.

Your best bet is to choose a card with a smaller registration bonus but a higher percentage of cash refunds.

2.2. Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

One of the most important things to understand about credit card refunds is how the annual Percentage or its APR works.

This calculation will be similar to the interest rate on any other credit card. APR is the annual or annual interest rate on your card. If you can pay your balance in full and on time every month, you’ve won the end with interest rates, which is exactly what you should do.

Two things can increase your interest on credit card refunds: Start high APR on cards and carry balance balances (don’t pay in full) every month. Depending on the balance and APR, interest may rise to a level that cancels all cash rewards.

And a refund card with the best rewards program is usually but not always! Welcome with higher than average APR. Cards can provide low referral APR when you register (as low as 0 percent in twelve months in many cases, such as Visa Fargo Cash Wise Visa®).

You will get the most from your credit card refund if you plan to keep your balance paid.

Cash back credit cards
Ten cash back credit cards are the best in the US

2.3. The fees

Many cards come with an annual fee of $ 50 to $ 100 per year just to maintain the card. However, heavy cards tend to provide greater cash rewards for buying transactions. To find out if the fee is worth it, calculate how much you can spend and how much you can get back.

The payback amount may be high enough to make up for the cost (if you’re a regular at the grocery store and shopping for a family, for example, you’ll spend a lot). If not, look for a low-cost or no annual card

Late payment fees can also overlap and cancel your reward. If your card comes with a high late fee, be sure to update your payment.

Another fee to consider is the foreign transaction fee. This can be easily missed. But it works if you travel abroad or shop online on an international website. Search for cards that have low foreign fees or no fees if you think you will spend international cash.

2.4. Earning points

Most cards allow you to earn “points” that they will convert into your refund. But the specifics of each card are different. This is what you should know.

  • Point caps.
  • Refunds and “cash value” perks. 
  • More cash back for certain purchases.
  • Rewards for Card cards are only applicable to specific stores, gas stations, restaurants, et cetera. Ideally, the card will earn your money back at the places you have frequently used.. 
  • Register online.

3. The Best Cash Back Credit Cards in the US

Discover it® Cash Back Best for 5 percent cash back on quarterly rotating bonus categories with first-year cash back match.
Bank of America® Cash Rewards credit card Best for cash back on gas or another qualifying category.
Chase Freedom® Best for 5 percent cash back on quarterly rotating bonus categories.
American Express Cash Magnet™ Card Best for balance transfers with cash back.
Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express Best for everyday cash back.
Discover it® chrome Best for cash back on gas.
Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa® Card Best for 1.5 percent cash back with no annual fee.
U.S. Bank Cash+™ Visa Signature® Card Best for cash back with a $150 sign-up bonus.
Capital One® SavorOne℠ Cash Rewards Credit Card Best for cash back on dining
Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card Best for 1.5 percent cash back with a $150 sign-up bonus.

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