Three car insurance companies you should consider

In the recent, there are more and more car insurance companies because the demand use car is growing. Customers need to consider carefully before making the decision. Let’s read the post to get information about the car insurance.

Car insurance companies
Three car insurance companies you should consider

The people use a lot of cars, the demand for repair and maintenance also is increasing for many unexpected reasons. This post, InfoCreditFree will introduce people to three car insurance companies.


Like the previous post of us about How do people can get car insurance quotes in some steps? this post about the car insurance companies also include three parts. They are: “How people can choose car insurance companies?”, “Some biggest car insurance companies” and “Some biggest car insurance companies”.

1. How people can choose car insurance companies?

Look at what’s needed in the customer’s state. Most states require some basic car insurance to cover customers’ liability in an accident. Their liability is the amount of money they pay as a result of the damage they cause to the property or injury of someone they have caused.

Even in some states, there is no car insurance requirement, liability insurance is a good idea because medical bills from a car accident can run into tens of thousands of dollars, and there is no possibility of that kind of money. If people have no money to pay and they do not have liability insurance, they may be forced to sell their property, including rent, retirement or “memorable” money…

2. Some biggest car insurance companies

Company Market share in 2017 Direct premiums were written
1. State Farm 18.13% $41.8 billion
2. Geico 12.83% $29.6 billion
3. Progressive 9.88% $22.8 billion
4. Allstate 9.29% $21.4 billion
5. USAA 5.7% $13.2 billion
6. Liberty Mutual 5.02% $11.6 billion
7. Farmers 4.49% $10.4 billion
8. Nationwide 3.18% $7.3 billion
9. Travelers 1.91% $4.4 billion
10. American Family 1.9% $4.4 billion

3. Three car insurance companies you should consider

3.1. State Farm – is one of a lot of car insurance companies

That means it’s not publicly traded on the stock market. And State Farm says it’s a distinction that allows the company to focus on contract owners, not shareholders. If customers buy a policy from a mutual company like State Farm, in effect, customers own a small part of that company.

State Farm has a 18 percent market share in car insurance and a $ 41.8 billion policy guarantee each year. State Farm also provides landlords, tenants, life and other insurance products, including health, disability and small businesses. It also offers banking products, such as loans, retirement, and college savings, and checks and credit card accounts.

If customers are looking for a full suite of services, from banking to car insurance, State Farm can cover customers. Having one company that handles many services for customers may make things more convenient. People may also get a small discount by keeping all their business with State Farm. On the other hand, if you are not satisfied with the service people get from State Farm, customers probably don’t want them handling all their business.

People have many options when buying car insurance from State Farm. People can shop online or with their local State Farm agent. Customers can appreciate local agents when it comes to filing a claim as they can guide people through the process.

State Farm car insurance discounts include vehicle tracking, good driving, good students, car safety, and discounts for loyal or discounted customers.

Car insurance companies
Three car insurance companies you should consider

3.2. Geico – is one of a lot of car insurance companies

Geico is an insurance company with gecko mascot and funny name. Geico stands for Government Employee Insurance Company, a name that dates to when Geico serves only employees of the federal government and those in the military. Now, however, anyone can get a premium policy with them.

  • Geico guarantees 27 million vehicles a year with 16 million policies
  • Representing a 13% market share. 
  • Bea subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, becoming a joint stock insurance company.

Geico offers a variety of insurance products in addition to car insurance, including motorbike and RV insurance, rental housing insurance, homeowners insurance and business insurance. It does not offer banking products like credit card checks, accounts or retirement accounts.

Geico performs most of its online or telephone business, but it has local agents. It also has 24/7 phone dealers and mobile apps to report claims and track the status of your complaints. Geico’s auto insurance discounts include many discounted policies and discounts for good students, military personnel, cars with certain safety features, and drivers over 50.

3.3. Progressive – is one of a lot of car insurance companies

Progressive is the third largest car insurance company in the United States, with:

  • a 10% market share
  • $ 22.8 billion insurance car insurance premiums per year
  • Founded in 1937
  • Progressive is an online company that primarily offers low price car insurance and convenience as its highlights.

Although Progressive sells most of the insurance policies online or over the phone, it also sells through local independent insurance agents. It also provides other insurance, such as landlords and tenants, but does not provide banking products. Progressive is a publicly traded company.

Constant auto insurance discounts include driver tracking (Progressive is the first insurance company to offer this discount) and many policy discounts. Progressive also has a “name for your price” feature, where you tell them how much you want to pay each month, the type of car you have and a little about yourself, and they tell you how much you can afford. get monthly premiums.

This is an interesting way to buy car insurance and allows you to keep your budget at the forefront of shopping, though you may be surprised to see how much you can buy.

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