How many places can I check my credit score in the US?

“How many places can I check my credit score in the US?” is one of the questions Info Credit Free receive a lot in the recently. If you want to get the loan with low-interest rate, you need to have a good credit score. To check the credit score, you should read this post of us.I want to check my credit score

How many places can I check my credit score in the US?

Indeed, there is more than 60 percent of Americans have less than $500 in savings based on credit scores. Since then, there are more and more loans for people with bad credit having been born. In the previous post, the readers are understood properly about some personal loans for people with bad credit such as low-interest loans for poor credit, private loans for bad credit… Now, let’s see “How many places can I check my credit score in the US?”


This article today includes four parts about where to check credit score. Which are: “What are the credit scores?”, “Where can I check my credit score? – the Free Website”, “Where can I check my credit score? – Using others methods” and How to improve the credit score when having a poor score?”.

1. What are the credit scores?

A credit score is a number that third parties, especially lenders such as banks, credit institutions, and other organizations use to assess your credit risk.

In the United States, The FICO score is the credit scoring system you will hear about most. FICO score will be between 300 and 850 and a higher score is better than a lower score.

The FICO score is divided into five main factors, including:

  • 35% of payment history
  • 30% of the amount of ownership
  • 15% credit term
  • 10% new credit
  • Credit type 10%

2. Where can I check my credit score? – the Free Website 

Step 1: Find any web page for free. The most popular free websites to check credit score are,, and People need not do anything to get your credit score as well as your credit score will not be negatively affected upon request.

The advertising sites are “free”. However, people need to pay to access the report. Even worse, people will automatically be registered for an annual subscription.

Step 2: Registration. At, people need to provide your email then create a new password. This will allow people to return to the site and check the score in the future.

Step 3: Provide personal information. Each website will ask you for slightly different information, but most will require the following:

  • First and last name
  • Mailing address
  • Date of birth
  • Last four digits of the Social Security Number

Step 4: Answer your security question. To confirm the identity, people will be asked a few multiple choice questions. Customers may be asked how much you pay each month on a personal loan or the name of a city you live in.

Step 5: Get your score. The score will be three digits from 300 to 850. The scores people receive from these sites may be slightly different from what the lender sees. However, the score of each website should not be so different.

In addition to the credit score, people will see additional information, such as the total number of your debit lists. At, people can also purchase a copy of the credit report for $ 9.95, but people should refuse because people can get a free copy each year.

These Websites may also have links to credit card applications. People do not need to think carefully before signing up for any product offered.

I want to check my credit score
How many places can I check my credit score in the US?

3. Where can I check my credit score? – Using others methods 

Option 1: Check with the credit card provider. There are a lot of credit card companies providing customers with information about the credit score report. People can view the most recent statement or log in to the online account.

Option 2: Request a credit counselor or consultant. These counselors can take the credit score and report it for free. These counselors can also analyze the finances and help people find a budget to improve the credit score.

Option 3: Buy the FICO score. People can click into the and purchase a one time report. People can get the points as well as a credit report from one or all three major credit reporting agencies (CRAs). Because the lenders usually review the FICO score, people can see exactly what they are seeing if people buy from these websites.

By 2017, the cost is $ 59.85 for the credit score and report from all three CRAs.

It costs $ 19.95 for the points and a CRA report.

Option 4: Buy the credit score from a credit reporting agency.

  • Equifax, see “Credit Report Assistant” at the bottom of the home page. Click “Buy my credit score.”
  • Experian home page, click on “Reports & Scores” and select “Credit Score”.
  • TransUnion, click on “Credit Education” and then select “Credit Score”.

3. How to improve the credit score when having a poor credit score?

  • Step 1: Timely payments.
  • Step 2: Reduce the debt burden.
  • Step 3: Avoid taking new credit.
  • Step 4: Patience.

Improving credit scores is a job that everyone needs to do before receiving any personal loan. In the process of checking credit scores and improving credit scores that Info Credit Free guidelines above, you should consider before selecting any particular personal loan especially the personal loans for bad credit.

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