Moola is an online loan company in New Zealand that provides loans ranging from $ 100 to $ 5,000 over a 2 to 368 day period, helping you to cover the unexpected costs of buying an iPhone 11. You have You can sign up for a Moola online loan in just five minutes and borrow up to $ 5,000. Moola will allow you to borrow up to 48% of your income, as long as you match their basic eligibility criteria. How to apply for buy iPhone 11 with Moola Payday Loan.

Cash Converters personal loan to buy iPhone 11
Buy iPhone 11 with Moola Payday Loan when matching eligibility criteria

In the previous post, we introduce a way to buy iPhone 11 with Cash Relief payday loans in Australia to get more information people can read the article Some requirement to buy iPhone 11 with Cash Relief payday loansNow, looking to buy iPhone 11 with Moola Payday Loan in New Zealand. There is an increasing number of banks, and financial companies offering installment loans with different interest rates. However, how to buy iPhone 11 with Moola Payday Loan, please read this article.


Just like a lot of article posts about free credit card, apply for credit, Public service loan forgiveness, consumer loan online… this post about the way to get Moola Payday Loan to buy iPhone 11 also includes some main parts. They are:

1. Why should buy iPhone 11 with Moola Payday Loan

There are some reasons why you should choose Moola payday loans to buy iPhone 11 in New Zealand:

  • Flexible loan terms. You can withdraw a Moola loan between two days and 26 weeks depending on the loan amount. This allows you to tailor your loan to your specific needs.
  • Money transfer an hour. Moola guarantees to transfer your loan to your bank account within 60 minutes of loan approval at no additional charge. Remember, you can register online 24/7 but loans will only be approved during business hours.
  • Default charge 24 hours. If you miss a payment for any reason but can make a payment within 24 hours, Moola will not charge you the default fee. Lenders encourage you to contact them as soon as you have difficulty paying off debt so they can help you find the best solution.

Now, looking for the price table of iPhone 11 in New Zealand:

64GB 128GB 256GB 512GB
iPhone 11 $749 $799 $899 N/A
iPhone Pro $999 N/A $1,199 $1,349
iPhone Pro Max $1,099  $1,249 $1,499 N/A

In addition to Apple’s in-store installments funded by Latitude Finacial Service with 0% interest rate, people living in New Zealand can use external personal loans such as short-term loans from credit institutions, public financial company … to buy iPhone 11. And Moola is one of the best financial company in New Zealand to get a payday loan.

Moola has three types of payday loans for you choose to buy iPhone 11: short term, midterm, and long term.

Short term

Midterm Long term
  • $100 to $1,000
  • Term: 2 – 44 days, up to 6 weeks
  • Daily interest rate: 1.7% 
  • First-time borrowers: maximum loan amount $500
  • $1,000 to $2,000
  • Term of 63 – 125 days, or up to 17 weeks
  • 0.9% daily interest rate
  • $2,000 to $5,000
  • Term of 94 – 184 days, or up to 26 weeks
  • 0.67% daily interest rate
Cash Train loans to buy iPhone 11
Buy iPhone 11 with Moola Payday Loan when matching eligibility criteria

2. Some information about Cash Train loans to buy iPhone 11

Product Name Moola Payday Loan
Loan Interest From 149.65% p.a.
Maximum Loan Amount $5,000
Loan Term Up to 368 days
Establishment Fee $21.23
Account Administration Fee N/A
Minimum Monthly Repayment N/A
Turnaround Time Within the day
Direct debit fee  $1.92 per payment
Direct debit cancellation fee $20.00
Default fee $20.08
Debit card fee $1.92
Loan extension fee $11.12
Wage deduction fee $29.78

There are some steps to apply for a payday loan of Moola to buy iPhone 11 in New Zealand:

  • Use your loan design tool on the Moola website to determine the total cost of your desired loan.
  • Fill out the online application form with your bank account information, email address and mobile phone number.
  • Sign loan applications online.
  • Wait for Moola to verify your job details and app information.
  • Once your application is accepted, funds will be transferred within 60 minutes.

Some requirements to apply for a loan of Moola:

Requirements – Customers need to be over 18 years old
– Customers need to be a New Zealand citizen, resident or with a valid working visa
– Customers need to not be bankrupt
– Customers need to be with ongoing income
– With an active bank account, the pay goes into on regular paydays
– Customers need to have their own email, active mobile phone and internet access
– Pass the employer check
Minimum Age 18
Minimum Income N/A

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