You are looking for the best cash back credit cards in the US? Do not worry, this post we will introduce to you about ten cash back credit cards and some types of these credit card.

best cash back credit cards
The ten best cash back credit cards in the United States

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1. What are the best cash back credit cards and how do they work?

Although they are just a reward credit card type, credit card refunds are one of the most popular types – because they give you cash rewards. Here, a basic summary of how they work: Every time you use your card to purchase eligible items (as per the card issuer’s regulations), the issuer pays you a percentage of purchase price at the end of the reporting period or payment cycle.

For example, most refund reward cards pay about 1% to 2% of the cash you buy in cash, with some paying 5% cash. If you have a 1% cash back card and spend, say, $ 1,000 during the statement period (about a month), at the end of the statement period, you will earn $ 10 in cash .

Depending on the card, you can redeem bonuses for specific purchases or based on the specific activity defined in your cardholder agreement.

For example, Chase Freedom provides 5% cash for up to $ 1,500 in combined purchases in the bonus categories every quarter you activate (then return 1% of cash later) and Citi Double Cash Card paid. give you 1% cash back for each purchase and another 1% refund when you pay the bill for a total refund of 2% for each purchase.

best cash back credit cards
The ten best cash back credit cards in the United States

2. Some types of the best cash back credit cards

There are several types of cash back credit cards and it is important to understand how cash works for each type. Three popular categories include flat cashback cards, bonuses and revolving types.

2.1. Flat rate

Some cash refund rewards cards provide a fixed cash refund rate for each eligible purchase. Chase Freedom Unlimited, offering 1.5% cash after each purchase, is an example. This type of income is great because of its simplicity. You don’t have to worry about which card to use at any store because you get the same rewards everywhere.

2.2. Bonus categories

Some cards offer cash back on specific bonus types. For example: The Blue Cash incentive card from American Express gives cardholders 6% cash at supermarkets in the United States (up to $ 6,000 per year when buying, then 1% later) and 3% at stores. US gas stations and a number of department stores in the United States, with 1% return anywhere else.

Bonus cards can help you earn more money than many fixed price cards, but you have to track where to use the card to get the best reward.

2.3. Rotating categories

Another popular cashback reward card is in the form of transfers. Chase Freedom and Discover it Card both offer this type of reward. Both of these cards can help you earn 5% cash back up to $ 1,500 when making a combination purchase when you activate categories (like gas stations and grocery stores), changing every three months. You can also redeem 1% for all other purchases.

These cards are great because you can make more money, but cardholders must remember where to use the card and activate the categories when changing.

3. The best cash back credit cards in the US

Discover it Cash Back

5% cash back on quarterly rotating bonus categories with a 1st year cash back match.

Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express

Everyday cash back.
Bank of America Cash Rewards credit card Cash back on gas or another qualifying category.
Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card Cash back on dining.
Discover it chrome Cash back on gas.
Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa Card 1.5% cash back with no annual fee.
Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card 1.5% cash back with a $150 sign-up bonus.
Chase Freedom 5% cash back on quarterly rotating bonus categories.
American Express Cash Magnet Card Balance transfers with cash back
U.S. Bank Cash Visa Signature Card Cash back with a $150 sign-up bonus.

This post is about best cash back credit cards. We provide this information to offer you with some of the necessary information that is useful for getting the best cards. Also if you are using credit cards and would like to know how to borrow money with bad credit, please refer to the Where to get a loan with poor credit link we just provided in the previous article. 

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