If people want to apply for a personal loan with bad credit, it is not difficult. Because there are more and more people who have poor credit, there are more and more the lenders provide the bad credit loans. Therefore, if the readers are one of the people who have a poor credit score, you don’t worry. 

Apply for a personal loan with bad credit
Apply for a personal loan with bad credit

There are a variety of the personal loans which offered to provide for people who do not have a good credit score. In some previous posts, you are understood properly about some bad credit loans such as small loans for poor credit, refinance personal loan, best low-interest personal loans…


Our article today includes five parts which are: “What is the personal loan for bad credit?”, “Where can I apply for a personal loan with bad credit?”, “The interest rate on the personal loan with bad credit”, “The benefits and drawbacks if apply for a personal loan with bad credit?” and “How can I improve my credit history?”.

1. What is the personal loan with bad credit?

The personal loan with bad credit are one of the personal loans which offered by the credit institutions and available for people who have very poor credit or no credit score. If people have these loans, they can be used for any purpose and help people who have experienced repossessions, bankruptcy… to establish a good credit history.


720-850 Great Credit
680-719 Good Credit
630-679 Fair Credit
550-629 Subprime Credit
300-549 Poor Credit

People have a very bad/poor credit score when they have a credit score under 580.

Some require to get these loans with bad credit:

  • Customers have a credit score, bank documents
  • Customers residing in the United States
  • They are between 18 and 65 years old
  • They have a debit or credit card as a backup payment for the loan

2. Where can I apply for a personal loan with bad credit?

2.1. Get a loan with a cosigner

Find a friend or family member with a good credit history to adjust your loan.

In this way, the additional lender ensures that you will repay the loan in full and your chances of getting a bad credit loan will increase. If your cosigner has a very good history, this will automatically reduce your interest.

2.2. Make use of your home equity

Use your valuable assets such as home, car to mortgage for loans with poor credit. In this way, the lender will reduce anxiety, reduce risk and offset adverse conditions that lead to bad credit. You borrow in this way, however, you are putting yourself at risk of losing your property if you can not repay it.

Apply for a personal loan with bad credit

2.3. Find online lenders

You just enter the purpose of the loan, the amount you need, your estimated credit score and your residence status to see if the lender immediately accepts your application online right now.

All you need to share with your credit institution to get these loans are:

  • Your full Name.
  • Your identity Information.
  • Your address Information.
  • Your bank Statements.

Some advantage this way:

  • The application is processed online, people do not need to visit banks.
  • No Physical Documents Required
  • Loans can be disbursed as quickly as within 24 hours
  • Get guaranteed approval
  • The Information of customers is Secured.
  • Low Rate of Interest.
  • Cash Withdrawal up to 100%.

3. The interest rate on the personal loan with bad credit

Lender Name Borrowing Levels Loan Terms Minimum Credit Score Interest Ranges Origination Fee Time to Receive Funds
Avant $2,000 to $35,000 2 years to 5 years 580 9.95% to 35.99% 4.75% of loan amount Two days
Best Egg $2,000 to $35,000 3 years or 5 years 640 5.99% to 29.99% 0.99% to 5.99% of loan amount Next day
Earnest $2,000 to $50,000 1 years to 3 years 720 5.25% to 14.24% None One week
One Main $1,500 to $25,000 1 years to 5 years None 17.59% to 35.99% Varies by state Same day

The interest of loans for people with bad credit:

  • Loan: $1,500 to $10,000
  • APR:9.99% to 35.99%
  • Term: 24, 36, 38, or even 60 months.

4. The benefits and drawbacks if apply for a personal loan with bad credit?

4.1. The benefits

  • If you have bad credit or poor credit or no credit history, if can get these loans
  • The quick loan approval
  • These loans can help people in improving your credit
  • The borrowers can get large amounts of money

4.2. The drawbacks

  • Have high-interest rate
  • Have stringent terms and conditions
  • People easy to land on unscrupulous lenders
  • People easy to cripple individuals without financial discipline

5. How can I improve my credit history?

  • Balancing credit — Keep it low
  • Paying on time
  • Credit boost through credit diversity
  • Shop around – but only in principle
  • Seek the professional advice regarding your credit report
  • There’s always more time to boost your score
  • Demonstrate that people have improved the financial situation

You should improve your credit score to get more best loans having a low-interest rate. To get more information about how to improve the credit history, you can click into the lick of article improve credit score.

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