The ANZ home loan has a lot of advantages and the best interest rate

If you live in Australia and want to get a loan in order to buy a new house, the ANZ home loan is one of the best choices. Because this loan of the ANZ has a lot of advantages and the best interest rate.

ANZ home loan
ANZ home loan

In a lot of articles before, we introduced readers to a lot of home loans in Australia such as home loan interest rate in Australia, best home loan rates Australia, NAB home loan, Westpac home loan, Commonwealth bank home loan… Today, let we see about the ANZ home loan.


This post includes three parts about the home loan of the ANZ bank. They are: “Get the ANZ home loan to buy the first home”, “Get the ANZ home loan to buy the next home” and “The rates and fees of the ANZ home loan”

1. Get the ANZ home loan to buy the first home

Sometimes the hardest part is knowing where people start to get the home loan. These three steps will simplify and guide people through the home buying process.

Step 1: Planning: Discover what people might need to consider and prepare for as people start on the home buying journey.

  • Saving for the first house deposit?
  • Get to know the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG)
  • How to save for a house deposit the smart way?

Step 2: Finding: Learn what people may need to organize when people are ready to buy, and how to estimate a property’s price.

  • Different ways of buying a house
  • Understanding Approval in Principle (AIP)
  • How to work out what a property is worth

Step 3: Buying: How people could be ready for purchasing and settlement, then managing the home loan.

  • Why bank valuation and purchase price can differ
  • Property settlement: What is it, how does it work?
  • Pre-settlement inspections: Who, what, when, why?

1.2. What is an ANZ First Home Coach?

Aa First Home Coach of ANZ is a mortgage and home lending expert who can assist people through the first home buying journey from start to finish. The ANZ First Home Coach service is without any cost or obligation and is available to both non-ANZ and ANZ customers.

1.3. Why do I need one?

A First Home Coach of the ANZ is extra support in the corner to guide people through the three steps and assist with:

  • Guiding people on developing a plan to help buy the home that’s right for people
  • Understanding what people could borrow and providing house hunting tools
  • Continuing support for the mortgage application and settlement
  • Informing people of the potential costs with buying the first home
ANZ home loan
ANZ home loan

2. Get the ANZ home loan to buy the next home

2.1. Step 1: Get Approval in Principle

The ANZ can help people estimate what people can afford to borrow, giving people the confidence to make an offer on the property people want. Getting an Approval in Principle will help people:

  • People can know how much you can afford to borrow
  • People can plan the budget
  • People are confident to make an offer
  • People are seen by agents as a serious buyer

2.2.  Step 2: Get a free ANZ Property Profile Report

Request a free Property Profile Report of the ANZ and people will have essential information about a property in the hands. With a range of interesting facts and figures on the property, people will know if the open for inspection is worth the trip.

That includes:

  • Prediction from Australia’s most accurate free property price predictor
  • Interesting suburb insights and trends
  • Comparable sales results in the area
  • Sale and rental listings in the area
  • Any recent sales history of the property

2.3. Step 3: Selling the home?ANZ can help with ANZ Sell Ready.

Success in the property market means having the right knowledge and tools. ANZ Sell Ready can help guide people through the selling process.

3. The rates and fees of the ANZ home loan

Rates and fees
Interest rate

5.36% p.a.

Comparison rate

5.46% p.a.

Loan Approval Fee


Loan Administration Charge

$5 per month

Renegotiation Fee

$200 or $350 depending on change requested

Rates and fees
Minimum loan amount


Maximum loan amount

Subject to ANZ’s credit assessment criteria

Maximum loan term

Maximum 30 years

Early Repayment Cost


Redraw fee


Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI)

If LVR is more than 80%

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