People do not have a car to go to work or your car is broken last night and you want to buy a new car. But you have a problem with the financial. Do not worry, you can consider the ANZ car loan.

ANZ car loan
ANZ car loan

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The ANZ personal loan allows people to borrow from $ 7.5k to $ 250k to buy a new or used car and make a steady payment to cover this amount. Fixed-rate and fixed-rate ANZ loans are also available to borrow smaller amounts ($5k to $ 50k) to buy used cars, as well as boats or motorbikes.

1. The advantages of the ANZ car loan


  • People can apply for online ANZ car loan and get a response within 60 seconds
  • People will know if people have been approved by the next business day
  • People can call an expert now on 1300 650 516


  • People can easy budgeting: payments fixed for the term of the loan
  • People can talk to the ANZ about insurance options to protect people and the vehicle
  • People can get the contract documents emailed directly to

No ongoing fees

  • No ongoing monthly or annual fees
  • Each payment reduces the balance of the loan

One of the most obvious benefits of this ANZ car loan is low-interest rates, which are currently well below the market average for car loans. On the other hand, loans are charged higher than average establishment fees plus ongoing monthly fees.

This car loan offers the option of paying extra and helping the car of customers get paid faster, which can help reduce the amount of interest people will pay for the loan. However, these savings must be balanced against early termination charges and breakage charges will be applied.

ANZ offers the option to include other costs of the car, such as registration and insurance, as part of the loan, although this means people will only pay interest on the expenses. This additional fee. People will also have the option of making a large balloon payment at the end of the loan, which may make your early repayment of the loan more reasonable.

2. Applying/eligibility

The low-interest rate on the ANZ car loan is a special online-only rate, so to receive it people will need to apply via the ANZ website. People can apply for ANZ’s other personal loans online, by visiting a branch, or over the phone.

To apply, people will need to meet some requirements:

  • to be 18+
  • to be an Australian resident or 457 visa holder
  • identification
  • employment and income information

3. Tips for buying a new or demo car with the ANZ car loan

Do you get the best price? Not all agents will give you the same deal. It may be worth checking out a few different ones. Do your homework and use online sites to better understand the options. Consider the time of your purchase to take advantage of every available transaction.

Monitor additional agency costs such as “Agent Delivery Fee” or “Agent Transaction Fee” – how much is charged for the performance of your loan paperwork.

Total overhead costs (no extra or no driving) required to avoid hidden costs or costs.

Be careful with the temptation to add optional features. It’s easy to say ‘yes’ to all the different things that an agent offers like stained-glass windows, paint protection, and floor mats. Keep in mind that all of these costs can quickly increase and may not be able to reap higher resale prices when it comes to selling a car..

ANZ car loan
ANZ car loan

Think about roadside assistance. Some car manufacturers include this with the car. If not included, consider whether you should register.

4. Tips for buying a used car with the ANZ car loan

Even if the certified car is commuter, consider whether you (or someone you know who is good with the car) should check it carefully. Consider organizing a test by an independent party, like a qualified mechanic.

Ask about the history of the owner and do not forget service history (including service records or receipts).

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2014, estimated typical mileage is about 13,000 kilometers per year. So check that the kilometers taken on the car are average (or ideally lower than the average) for the classic of the car.

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